We met at Open Eye Cafe...

5 years ago, when mutual friends introduced us. Gary was a graduate TA at the time and Catherine was an undergrad studying for finals. Naturally Gary didn't want to disturb the pursuit of scholarly achievements and didn't offer much more than niceties. Catherine wasn't surprised; she thought he was a football player and expected him to not give her the time of day. 

Looks can be deceiving though, Gary having given up on sports by age 10 and Catherine an eager but easily distracted scholar. 

Two years later they re-met through church. Gary had just returned from a year studying in Russia and Catherine had started leading the small group he had previously attended. Suddenly, Gary felt he needed some extra instruction in scripture and began staying after Bible study to wash dishes and chat. Their first date was a month later: real NC barbecue and a Carolina men's soccer game, both activities thoughtfully tuned to Catherine's expressed interests. 

Many favorite dates followed, including ones in Paris, Gary's beloved Russia, and even Pittsboro, North Carolina! 


All proposal and engagement photography provided by Carolyn Stotts.