On April 24, Gary invited friends and family representing different parts of his and Catherine's life and relationship to be part of his proposal at Catherine's parents' house. Siblings, parents, best friends, and mentors all came together to help put his plan into action.

Meanwhile, Gary told Catherine he would pick her up to go to dinner at a friend's house. Instead, that same friend, Julia, showed up at Catherine's door with a sunflower and card from Gary telling her to get ready to go on an adventure. Julia drove Catherine to her parents' house and stopped at the end of the driveway. There Catherine's siblings had gathered with another sunflower and another card from Gary. A bit further up the front field stood a group of Catherine's close friends with yet another sunflower and card. More groups of friends and family awaited Catherine as she continued down the driveway. Eventually she reached the edge of the woods and received a final card from her mom and dad, inviting her to follow a path of flowers through the trees. At the end of that path she found lots of candles, lights, and flowers and Gary waiting for her with some loving words and an important question. He asked her to be his love for life and she said yes. 

And then there was much joy and celebration and barbecue had by all!